Many thanks!

Miep Gies and Cor Suijk answering letters
Miep Gies and Cor Suijk answering letters

I truly thank you for the overwhelming attention paid to my 100th birthday. A sea of flowers and letters all accompanied by moving well-wishes. It was of an abundance that left me speechless. I shall never forget that day!

My birthday also caused me an unavoidable decision. Regretfully, I am unable to continue answering written letters. Since 1997 I received over 5.000 letters. Every letter I opened myself, read it and then gave it to Cor Suijk, who volunteered as secretary, telling him my remarks concerning its contents. Then, Cor wrote the answer, that I judged before signing it.

This very time and energy consuming job is no longer a task that I can continue to do. Therefore, my son Paul has, in cooperation with Netrex, developed a website regarding my life, including my answers to the 100 questions I am most asked.

Therefore I invite you, instead of writing a letter if you want to pose a question or just give your reaction, to make use of the possibility to send an e-mail.

I thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Miep Gies